Personal Injury Cases


Attorney Brian Drummond represented a woman involved in an auto accident with $6000 in medical costs and settled it for $25,000-over four times more than her damages.

Hunter Whitestone obtained a settlement of $100,000 from an insurance company whose insured rear-ended his client, causing her significant injuries. Mr. Whitestone was able to convince the health insurance company to reduced its lien so that the client was able to get a significant payout

Attorney Justin Daniel successfully negotiated a settlement of $350,000 for a client who was a passenger in a car struck by a drunk driver; client received the maximum payout allowable by the insurance policies available.


Attorney Brian Drummond is in negotiations on a personal injury case that will result in a settlement of over $250,000.

Attorney Brian Drummond settled a personal injury matter for $250,000, for a client injured in a traffic accident.


Attorney Justin Daniel settled a personal injury case where his client, a pedestrian, was struck in a crosswalk for $145,000.


Attorney Brian Drummond tried a personal injury matter in Prince William County and got a $156,000 judgment for his client.