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Why You Want A Real Trial Lawyer On Your Side

Many attorneys say that they are willing to take cases to trial. At Whitestone Young, PC, in Fairfax, we have the track record and the reputation to back up those claims. It is why judges, prosecutors, lawyers and insurance companies throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

What Makes A Good Trial Lawyer?

Strong trial lawyers have to devote significant resources to finding evidence and witnesses, preparing witnesses for testimony and making strong, compelling arguments before judges and juries. They also have to figure out how to weaken the other side’s case and cross-examine their witnesses.

Why This Matters For You

If the other side, whether it’s a prosecutor or a lawyer for an insurance company, knows that your lawyer will want to avoid a trial at all cost, it will affect your available options. It could mean recovering less money or choosing between two bad options for a plea deal.

Insurance companies and prosecutors know that when we tell them what we expect, they will have to be ready for a trial if they cannot meet our requests. This often leads to positive results for our clients before a trial occurs, saving them time and money.

We do not take every case to trial. Instead, we will evaluate your individual case and determine what are your best options. We will, however, prepare for every case as if it will go to trial. This will put you in the strongest position for a successful outcome.

An Example Of Our Methods

In a personal injury case, the insurance company was essentially playing chicken with our client and not making serious settlement offers. Through extensive preparation and showing our readiness for trial, the defense backed down the night before the start of the trial. By avoiding trial and saving money, our client was able to keep more of the final settlement.

Send A Message. Get Whitestone Young On Your Side.

To learn about the difference having effective trial attorneys on your side can make, contact our firm today via email or by calling 703-591-0200 to schedule a free consultation.

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