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A more compassionate approach to child support issues

Raising kids is expensive, and paying for the cost of a child's care is the responsibility of both parents. These are the fundamental concepts behind child support, which is the means through which a non-custodial parent contributes to the cost of caring for his or her child. That said, child support is a far more complex matter than simple equations and laws might suggest. There are many cases in which a degree of compassion is the best way to ensure that a child in Virginia  is provided with what he or she needs.

Child support payments ordered for NFL cornerback

Child support obligations are ordered and expected to be upheld regardless of the number of children a person may have. When someone has a large number of children, the amount he or she pays in child support can be significant and much more than the average Virginia parent may anticipate. One professional NFL football player has been ordered to pay child support for eight of his children.

Help for those with child support problems

Not paying child support has serious consequences. For example, in Virginia a driver's license can be suspended for non-payment of child support. For parents with jobs, suspension of a driver's license can make the struggle to pay child support even greater as that parent's employment may be at risk due to license suspension. This very conundrum has caused one state to take action to help those who have lost a license due to non-payment of support.

Certain factors may impact child support situations

While parents may agree on the needs of a child and custody issues when those parents split, those same parents may disagree over the amount it takes to financially support that child or children. Virginia parents may benefit from being aware of the child support guidelines of the state. They may also benefit from knowing what factors the state takes into consideration and what factors can impact the amount of child support ordered.

Woman seeks child support from Harlem Globetrotter legend

When a couple divorces, a child support order is typically handed down, and the paying parent is under legal obligation to pay a certain amount each month. If that parent does not pay the ordered child support, legal consequences can result. However, child support claims and lawsuits pursued decades after the split and after the child is grown are highly unusual, and yet those cases can severely impact a parent's financial situation. Any Virginia parent who is owed support from years ago or who hasn't paid child support might want to learn from the case of famed Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon.

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