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Gray divorce may scare one party more than the other

Any divorce can be challenging and the unknowns about the future can be hard to overcome. One type of divorce making news comes with its own set of challenges for one party more than the other. A gray divorce, a divorce that involves couples in Virginia who have been married for more than 30 years, is one example of a split that poses unique obstacles, typically for the woman involved.

Actions to take as a divorce unfolds in Virginia

When the divorce process begins, it can be tempting to focus on the big picture, such as where each party will live and who will get the kids. However, there are a multitude of decisions and aspects of daily life to be considered before the divorce is final. For those in Virginia who are pursuing a divorce or thinking about starting the process, there are details to filter through and actions to take.

Going through divorce in Virginia? Understanding alimony is key.

Alimony can be a contentious subject for couples going through divorce. Alimony is not a given in every divorce, and it will not automatically be granted when individuals in Virginia start the divorce process. Much like details of a property division settlement, an alimony agreement can be negotiated, and several individual factors will play a role in how the court makes decisions regarding alimony.

Mortgage issues may require attention after a divorce

As a divorce unfolds, each party involved has to make very difficult decisions. One of those difficult decisions can be what to do about the house and the shared mortgage. Virginia couples in the midst of a property division agreement or who are concerned about finances may want to weigh the options before deciding what to do about that shared mortgage during a divorce.

Wide variety of professionals called to aid in divorce case

Most divorce cases are not resolved by both sides simply coming to a mutual agreement, splitting assets and moving on to lead separate lives without outside assistance. Even when a divorce between a Virginia couple is a mutual decision and there are few areas of discontent, there is a high chance that professionals besides legal support may be needed to provide insight and information so the process can move forward. One couple is making news as the list of professionals being subpoenaed to provide information is growing.

In Virginia, infidelity can impact divorce settlement

Most states, including Virginia, are equitable division of marital property states. While Virginia courts strive to equally split marital assets during a divorce, certain factors that led to the divorce can impact how the process unfolds. The recent hack of a website devoted to providing a discreet means of infidelity has brought to light just how infidelity can impact a divorce settlement.

Technology may help families communicate during divorce

When parents split, the decisions and information that must be managed between co-parents can be overwhelming and hard to track. Technology is entering the realm of useful tools parents may rely on during and after a divorce. Virginia parents may find some new apps can make communication and accountability more accessible and can be incorporated into a custody and visitation agreement.

Financial and career changes can be impacted by divorce

Divorce leads to a lot of changes for any couple regardless of the circumstances. For many Virginia couples, a divorce will lead to an upheaval of finances in the both the short term and the long term. These changes can also impact one party's career path or the need for one party to work.

Does divorce play a role in overall well-being?

Virginia readers know that stressful situations can impact health. Individuals who are unhappy and under a significant amount of strain tend to display certain physical symptoms. It was commonly thought that the stress and strain of a divorce could have negative health implications, but recent studies have suggested that divorced individuals are no less healthy than their married peers. 

Knowing resources can help reduce financial loss after divorce

One big question for couples getting divorced may be what the economic impact will be on each individual. Regardless of the time married, divorce will certainly affect current and future finances of all involved. Understanding that impact ahead of time and planning for the financial changes brought on by divorce can help Virginia couples lessen that impact and protect themselves after a split.

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