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Family files wrongful death suit after Virginia house fire

The family of a man who was severely disabled is taking legal action after his death in a house fire. The family has filed a wrongful death suit in Virginia seeking $50 million in damages. The suit is attempting to hold a home health care agency responsible for its negligent actions.

Family files wrongful death suit against Virginia nursing home

The family of a man who lost his life is filing a wrongful death suit against a nursing home and a number of its employees. The family of the 92-year-old feels as if the defendants were negligent and did not provide their loved one with adequate supervision. The Virginia family is seeking $4.5 million in damages in the wrongful death suit.

Families file $25 million wrongful death suits after hazing

Hazing is a practice that some fraternities use to "initiate" new members. However, that practice can often lead to serious injuries, and it has been declared illegal in the state of Virginia due to the dangers it can pose. The families and estates of two Virginia State University students who lost their lives in a hazing ritual have now filed wrongful death suits.

Fatal accident occurs after minivan crashes into home

After a bizarre accident involving a minivan and a home, one individual was killed in Chesterfield County. The Virginia authorities claim that an individual driving a minivan hit a snow bank, smashed into a house and killed the homeowner. It is unclear at this point whether the driver will face criminal charges in light of the fatal accident.

Family files wrongful death suit after child's death

After a 6-year-old girl lost her life, her family decided to take legal action. The family has filed a wrongful death suit against a Virginia utility company, claiming that the company's negligence led to the girl's death. The family seeks $200 million in damages for the loss of their loved one.

Woman files wrongful death suit after sister's death

When a loved one is placed in a nursing home to live, we expect that the facility will take care of them. However, some nursing homes in Virginia as well as in other states may not take good care of their patients. One woman in a neighboring state is suing a nursing home for the wrongful death of her sister.

Will wrongful death claim be filed in fatal accident?

The sudden loss of a loved one can be devastating. Not only does the family have to find a way to deal with a family member's premature death, but they must also deal with the financial impact of that loss. A wrongful death claim may not help with a family's grief, but it could help defray the financial deficit created by a victim's absence.

Family may file wrongful death suit after fatal accident

After a man drowned to death while in police custody, a special prosecutor has now declined to bring criminal charges against the state trooper who held the man in custody. The prosecutor determined that the trooper's actions before and during the fatal accident did not constitute criminal recklessness. However, the family will still be able to pursue a wrongful death suit against the trooper and/or any other third-party deemed negligent, if they chose to do so. Any Virginia family who has suffered a similar loss may also be able to take legal action.

Girl dies from allergic reaction, family claims wrongful death

Over two years after a young girl died from a fatal allergic reaction to peanuts, her family is pursuing legal action. The Virginia family filed a wrongful death suit against several defendants, claiming that the child's allergic reaction was improperly handled. The family is seeking a monetary judgment of $10 million.

Pharmaceutical settles wrongful death suit in West Virginia

Avandia is a well-known drug used to treat diabetics by making their body more sensitive to insulin. Avandia, which has become the subject of numerous lawsuits because of its potentially serious side effects, which include stroke, bone fractures, eye damages and even death. GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical company which marketed the drug, recently settled a wrongful case in West Virginia filed by the husband of a woman who died as a result of taking the drug.

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