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Correlating pregnancy and motor vehicle accidents

According to a recent study reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, pregnant women may be more likely to become involved in a serious car crash. According to the study, women in their second trimester of pregnancy were 42 percent more likely to go into the emergency room for car crash injuries than they were prior to becoming pregnant. No significant increases in ER visits were seen in the first or third trimesters, and the study suggests that certain pregnancy symptoms, particularly absentmindedness due to stress and fatigue may be to blame.

The study has been criticized on the basis that it apparently failed to consider other likely explanations for the data, such as women in their second trimester may be driving more often or that they may be more likely to report to the ER when involved in crashes. In any case, the study seems to point out a correlation between pregnancy and ER visits due to motor vehicle crashes.

Pregnant women who are involved in motor vehicle crashes obviously have extra reason to be concerned about obtaining medical attention following a crash. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs, children in the womb are not immune from injury or fatality, and tragedies do happen.

Women who are involved in motor vehicle accidents which result in injury to them and/or their baby need to know their rights and options for obtaining compensation. Not only may a pregnant woman be able to obtain damages for her own personal injury, but other damages may be available as well. Women in this situation should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to have their case evaluated.

Source: Science News, “Study on pregnant women’s driving has some potholes,” Laura Sanders, May 19, 2014.

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