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Drug charges filed after raid in Virginia

The captain of a sheriff’s department in Virginia said a SWAT team’s assistance was employed in a recent drug-related operation. The captain stated he believed it was necessary due to certain projected risks associated with a suspected drug ring the department was attempting to infiltrate. It all went down when SWAT members made a surprise visit to a home in Spotsylvania County. Drug charges were later filed.

It was during late night hours on a recent Thursday when the raid transpired. When officers stormed the residence, there were reportedly several firearms in plain sight. The specialized team say they seized multiple ounces of heroin, $4,000 cash, at least a dozen guns and several vehicles.

Three people were arrested and placed in a county jail, although two have reportedly since been released. A man, age 39, as well as a 33-year-old woman now face charges for possession of heroin and possession of a firearm while distributing heroin. Another man, also age 33, is charged with heroin possession.

Facing drug charges that involve suspected heroin possession or distribution in Virginia is obviously no small matter. Just because three different people are charged in the same incident does not necessarily mean they will have the same outcomes in court. Typically, results ultimately depend on the type of defense presented and whether assistance is sought from an attorney who has successfully defended others in similar past situations. As soon as one becomes aware of being subject in a drug investigation, a request for skilled guidance makes good sense.

Source:, “Spotsy SWAT team raids home, arrests three on heroin charges“, Keith Epps, Nov. 18, 2016

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