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Factors considered important in Virginia child custody cases

First and foremost, the family court system works to address the individual needs of each family with particular importance placed on the best interest of the child or children involved. While there are individual factors to be considered in any child custody case in Virginia, there are specific factors that will play a role in most cases in general. Any parent filing for custody or considering his or her options will want to understand the factors that can influence the case.

The actual living environment matters greatly in family court. This means the residence itself and which parent can provide the most stable environment is considered. The safety of the home environment is determined and can affect the outcome of a custody case.

While income alone does not make someone a more capable parent, the employment of each parent will be considered along with if a parent can provide structure and consistency. The relationship with extended family can influence a custody case. Also, the child’s school performance when he or she is with each parent can also play a role in how a custody case is handled.

Child custody cases can become complex, and the courts always encourage parents to work together to come up with the most workable plan that addresses the needs of the child. However, when parents cannot do this on their own, outside help and analysis of many aspects of the child’s and parents’ lives is needed. Our website has more information about specific factors that affect child cases in Virginia and how legal help can address a family’s needs.

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