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Fatal accident occurs after minivan crashes into home

After a bizarre accident involving a minivan and a home, one individual was killed in Chesterfield County. The Virginia authorities claim that an individual driving a minivan hit a snow bank, smashed into a house and killed the homeowner. It is unclear at this point whether the driver will face criminal charges in light of the fatal accident.

At around 6 p.m., the driver of the minivan was traveling west when his vehicle started to veer off the road and head toward a snow bank. When the minivan hit the snow bank, the vehicle became airborne. Ultimately, the vehicle crashed into the side of the home, creating a massive hole in the wall and causing parts of the home to collapse.

The homeowner lost his life in the accident. The driver and passenger of the minivan suffered minor injuries and were transported to an area hospital. The passenger claims that the driver may have been suffering from a stroke at the time of the accident, which would have caused him to lose control of the vehicle. However, it is not clear if her statement has been independently documented.

The driver of the minivan has not yet been criminally charged for the fatal accident. However, even if there are no criminal charges, the family of the homeowner may elect to take legal action. The family is entitled to file a Virginia wrongful death suit. In the suit, they would argue that the minivan driver was negligent and thus financially responsible for the homeowner’s death, and they would pursue a claim for damages appropriate for the situation.

Source:, “Homeowner dead after minivan hits snow bank, goes airborne and crashes into home“, Nick Dutton and Jon Burkett, Feb. 26, 2015

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