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Shooting leads to juvenile crimes charges for 1 teen

A violent incident has led to criminal charges for four young men in Manassas, Virginia. One of the young men is only 17 years of age, yet faces serious juvenile crimes charges. As he prepares his defense in the matter, he faces grave potential ramifications if a conviction is obtained against him.

The incident took place on a recent Wednesday. The 17-year-old was with another young man walking through a wooded area when they encountered two teenage boys. A physical struggle followed, and the older man allegedly struck one of the victims and shot the other. The other two men were in a car parked nearby, and all four left the scene.

Both of the teens who were allegedly attacked were treated at a local hospital for injuries that were deemed non-life-threatening. Authorities believe that the young men were involved in gang activity. They also assert that the incident was not a random act of violence. No word is given on whether any of the participants have received prior criminal charges.

As the 17-year-old prepares to respond to these serious juvenile crimes charges, his Virginia legal team will likely focus on his age and the opportunity to change the course of his life. He is charged with conspiracy to commit gang participation and malicious wounding. If he is unable to avoid conviction, he could spend many years behind bars. If the court is willing to give him a second chance, he might have the opportunity to choose a different path for the year ahead.

Source:, “Four arrested in connection to Manassas shooting”, Jan. 5, 2017

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