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States: insurance coverage a potential issue in ridesharing accidents

Ridesharing, as some of our readers may know, is a growing trend across the United States, and one which offers folks the convenience of scheduling a ride with the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger. But while ridesharing services have become rather popular and successful in competing with traditional taxi and limo services, there are still some concerns about the use of ridesharing.

A number of states have recently issued public warnings about the use of ridesharing services, saying that there is some risk that passengers may not be covered in the event of a motor vehicle accident. The concern, which is naturally also shared by traditional taxi and livery services, is that ridesharing companies do not always submit to regulation and may have inadequate insurance protection for passengers. Because of this, states and municipalities are warning potential patrons of ridesharing services to do their research before scheduling a ride.

One ridesharing company by the name of Uber has publicly responded to such concerns by pointing out that the company has a $1 million policy for passengers in case their own personal insurance is inadequate. Lyft and Sidecar reportedly have similar policies. Still, consumers should do their research before taking advantage of ridesharing. Not only should consumers look into the details of the company’s coverage, but also check their own policy to find out how much coverage, if any, they have in the event of a ridesharing accident.

Those who are involved in any accident where insurance issues come up should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to have their case evaluated. Insurance is an important issue in many cases, and a skilled attorney will understand how to advocate for an accident victim’s interests in such cases.

Source: NBC News, “States Warn of Rideshare Risks for Passengers,” Ben Popken, June 2, 2014.

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