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Technology may help families communicate during divorce

When parents split, the decisions and information that must be managed between co-parents can be overwhelming and hard to track. Technology is entering the realm of useful tools parents may rely on during and after a divorce. Virginia parents may find some new apps can make communication and accountability more accessible and can be incorporated into a custody and visitation agreement.

Parents may agree to a child support order but find tracking and accounting for extra expenses, such as medical bills or the costs of extra-curricular activities, confusing and a source of disputes. There are now apps parents can agree to both use that will track these extra expenses outside of traditional child support payments. These extra payments can be saved and pulled up as proof of payment if a dispute should arise.

Other apps can help parents feel more in tune with what is going on at the other parent’s house. Communication between co-parents who are divorcing can be strained, and information that needs to be shared can get lost in the shuffle. However, calendar apps that are shared, and also allow for picture sharing, can help both sides get the information they need and feel more secure in what lies ahead.

No one particular app may work for all Virginia families in the midst of a divorce. However, if co-parents have certain sticking points that may be alleviated by the use of the same app, incorporating that app as part of a formal agreement may prove beneficial. While many of the apps are free, some do charge a fee, and payment of that fee may also need to be discussed and outlined in a child custody and child support agreement.

Source:, “5 Apps That Promise to Make Divorce Easier“, Emma Johnson, July 26, 2015

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