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I truly believe that, “if you want to go home, choose Robert Whitestone”. I was facing significant jail time and being held without bond. Within 48 hours of Mr. Whitestone taking on my case, he got me out on a bond.

On the day of trial, Mr. Whitestone plowed through the government’s witnesses like a hurricane making landfall. He discredited ALL of the government’s witnesses, ensuring that the jurors were able to clearly see the lies that were being told against me. My freedom was held in the balance and Mr. Whitestone fought hard to tip the scales in my favor.

Through prayer and an amazing defense attorney I was found NOT GUILTY and walked out of the courtroom with my family and Mr. Whitestone. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Whitestone and his law firm for everything they did for me.

We are all put on this earth for a reason. Mr. Whitestone is a talented attorney who truly believes in the work he does and he does not waiver in his fight for justice. I would bet my last dollar on him in any situation! I highly recommend Robert Whitestone to anyone who is in need of an incredible defense attorney.

Forever grateful,
E. M.

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