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Our family would like to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU for the professional manner in which you handled our son’s case and for ensuring that it came to a joyful conclusion. We also want to thank your colleagues in the law firm for working so hard behind the scenes as support team. We know that you went above and beyond the call of duty to provide a service that truly stood out and relieved him from judgment.

We must also stress further that we were very impressed by the way you spoke so eloquently and precisely, bringing out the good side of our son, and managed to get the full attention of the judge. If ever the term scholar applied to any one present in court that day, it applied most especially to you.

You obviously have a compassionate heart for young brilliant men who accidentally fall into mishaps like he did and I pray that you continue doing the work of a good Samaritan. It is now our hope that we get him back on the road to productivity.We will not hesitate to recommend you to friends who may have need for the services of an attorney in the future. May God bless you and all of your staff in a very special and rewarding way. Again, thanks immensely for your legal support.

From the family

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