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I really do not know how or where to start. I may not have the words to express how thankful I am to have had Mr. Robert Whitestone in my corner. I was accused of something I did not do; the odds were against me, and I was put in jail without a bond. After speaking to a couple of lawyers, my family was referred to Mr. Whitestone and liked him immediately.

Shortly after taking my case, Mr. Whitestone got me out on bond. I was extremely stressed and was going through the worst time of my life, but I really could not have asked for a better lawyer. My every question and concern was addressed promptly by both him and his assistant, Pat, who is also the best in the world.

On the day of my trial, Mr. Whitestone used his experience and knowledge, and made everything seem so easy. The truth won, and the lies were defeated. I walked out of the court, free and relieved. Me and my family cannot thank Mr. Whitestone enough for what he did for us, he was there when we needed him. He will never ever be forgotten, and will always be in our prayers.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer, please do not make a decision until you speak to Mr. Robert Whitestone.

Forever thankful,

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