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Hunter at Whitestone is the man!! I had the odds stacked very much against me but Hunter got me off. We ended up going to trial and he was amazing in court. He really knows what he is doing! I am just so pleased with the outcome! You cannot go wrong with Hunter!! I am extremely grateful to Hunter and his secretary Marjorie rocks too! Seriously hands down best attorney EVER!!! You cannot get a better attorney!!

Never underestimate the power of a great Lawyer. We were so fortunate to have been referred to Bob Whitestone. He saved my daughter's life. Had it not been for his supreme intelligence and eloquent writings I'm sure the State would have had their way with her. His dependability and willingness to go above and beyond was the huge difference in every facet of the case. His advice was direct and his long term thinking and actions made the difference. We will be forever grateful.

Mr. Hunter is the best Attorney. He has helped me to drop my reckless. He took care of everything at the court, I didn't even have to say a word. I highly recommend.

We were very fortunate today. Justin was VERY good. We discussed options withJon as well, and I want you to know I think Jon is also quite knowledgeable and supportive. He sat with us for a while and talked while we waited. Your law firm is very lucky to have them both. I got to tell you, I'm impressed! Denise.

Hi Mr. Young

I wanted to express my gratitude for today's outcome! I hold your professionalism, good heart and expertise in the highest regards and you will certainly be recommended by me if I come across someone who needs legal representation. Thank you again, Claudia.


I just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to my case. Given the circumstances, I was extremely happy with the outcome and wanted to express my gratitude to you and the rest of your team that assisted with the case. Your professionalism, knowledge and explicit attention to detail regarding the specifics of the case were greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed. My mother and I were extremely impressed with your expertise and confidence and you were definitely the right man for the job. We really appreciated your patience and the fact that you took the time to walk us through every facet of the case as well as your strategy. We also appreciated that you answered the many questions that we had as well. Although I hope my friends and associates never find themselves in my situation but if they do not only will I highly recommend your firm but I will also make sure they specifically ask for Justin Daniel. If I have any questions I'll be sure to reach out to you but again, I can't thank you enough! Mike

This has been a tough journey. Frankly, I never thought I would survive, but thank you for being there for me and never making any judgments. Too often, good efforts go unrecognized. I want to personally thank you for the support you provided.
In today's world, support freely given is a rare commodity. I am glad I am able to find shining light from darkness. Thanks again for your help.
I will continue to keep you lifted in prayer. You and Mr. Penrod's names are the talk from the United States to Falmouth Jamaica. Ms. May said if she needs a lawyer she knows your number. Linda

Mr. Young

I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent representation and obtainment of the outstanding results. Throughout this legal matter, your professionalism and demeanor really made my son and I confident that you were the right choice and would get the job done. Rest assured that I will be personally recommending you to anyone I meet who is need of legal representation in criminal matters.

Mr. Merril

I had absolutely no hope that I'd get off so well but you did what you had to do to ensure that U got the best deal. Thank you so much for your help.

Dear Mr. Young

I hope you will accept this letter as a positive reference for the brilliant work you and your staff displayed on behalf of my case this year. Your reputation in Fairfax County for defending DWI cases is exceptional. While your practice holds strong esteem in the Washington metro area, your reputation specifically was personally recommended to me by a friend who works in the Virginia legislature as well as by a trusted family friend who is also a lawyer in Fairfax County. I thank you for advising me through my distressing ordeal and achieving a result that far exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate for a split second to recommend you to anyone seeking the best legal counsel in Fairfax County. -C. Y.-

Dear Dickson

Many thanks for the great job you and your colleagues performed. Mr. Gonzalez was deceived and taken advantage of by Alex and those dishonest lawyers big time; he should take action against them and recover his huge losses and I will be a witness on his side. Kristen and Justin have consistently proven their capabilities and professionalism and I thank them a whole bunch too. Thanks, Mehdi


I can't thank you enough for all that you did for Brian. He and I both recognize that this would have gone in a very different direction without your talent, experience, and your determination to negotiate the best possible outcome for Brian. Again, many, many thanks. With warmest regards, Mike

Mr. Whitestone

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. I got myself into a somewhat serious situation with the law...This was truly a crisis in my life and I needed the right representation. I asked many friends and family members who would be the best attorney for my case, and mutually they all said that Mr. Robert Whitestone would be best. The first day I walked in the office and talked about what happened, I knew immediately and gained comfort in the fact that this man would do everything in his power to give me the best outcome.
With the help of Mr. Whitestone and Pat, I have rebuilt my life and I have never been happier. I now recommend any of my friends who have stumbled across legal issues to call Mr. Whitestone.

Mr. Young

Our sincere gratitude to you and your team for a brilliant outcome on last week's cases. The outcome far exceeded any of our expectations!

Mr. Young

I want you to know how much we appreciated your guidance back in 2005. Since that incident, our daughter went on to graduate from Seattle University Magnum Cum Laude and she just received her Master's of Social Work from Columbia University. You had a part in her success, by advising us on what we should do and being her lawyer.

Mr. Young

I'm extremely grateful for your astute handling of Roman's case. As I understand the situation, the result you achieved exceeds any reasonable expectation.

Mr. Young

I just wanted to personally thank you for all you did for my nephew. We all feel he was fortunate to receive the best possible outcome we could have expected. In a nut shell, you did a great job and we are all extremely relieved! You went the extra mile throughout the entire miserable ordeal in order to get the results we were hoping for. You don't see that very often in you profession anymore and I personally feel my nephew could not have had better representation. You are an honorable man with loads of integrity and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your practice to any of my friends and family.

Mr. Young

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding responsiveness and efforts on my matter. I am very grateful for the outcome.

Mr. Young

We were so relieved to hear the good news this week and are very appreciative of your successful efforts to get the issue resolved. Our son is obviously thrilled with the result...
As you well know, an experience like this is incredibly distressing and anxiety producing for everyone in a family. We all want to thank you for calmly guiding us through this process and for your continued help going forward until our son's record is completely clear.

Mr. Young

I just wanted to thank you again for taking such amazing care of me throughout the last two and half months. You were the first person I called, and I am so thankful I did, as you have gone above and beyond in terms of results. Your reputation, confidence, and calm demeanor kept me at ease from start to finish. This was a situation I could not have handled on my own and you handled it beautifully. I would not have gotten through this without you, thank you a million times over.

Mr. Merril

I can't thank you enough for your representation and support during the whole process. It was a pleasure to work with you and frankly a treat to watch you go to work for me in the courtroom…you have my utmost respect and I truly appreciate the chance I've been given! God bless you, man!

Mr. Young

The referral source who lead me to you said you were the guy to go to mitigate this serious offense. He was correct. It was money well spent. I would like to take a moment and express gratitude for your efforts. Along the way in handling my case, I received prompt and concise communication from you and Susan Picciano. I told you the outcome I needed to achieve, you clearly advised me what to do, I acted accordingly, and you produced said outcome in an expeditious and professional fashion. Done. It is nice to know that with proper action and legal representation that certain potentially life altering consequences can be mitigated to a lesser state. Bottom line: Good people make crappy decisions sometimes and I thank you for reducing the pain of my crappy decision.

Dear Bob and Hunter, I wanted to thank you both for taking such good care of me on this case. I greatly appreciate all that you did and am very relieved by the outcome. Thank you for your help and support! Beth

Thank you for your fine work today. Your expertise and insights are very much appreciated. We definitely feel we are in a better situation, having you represent us.

By the time we arrived at your office, we had met with five law firms. Why so many? I knew from the get-go that my son's charges were serious. With that in mind, I was looking for a lawyer who is honest, professional and with a personal touch. Someone I can trust and know that will fight for my son's interest. I needed to get the right lawyer for the job...

I found that right lawyer in you!

As a mother, I was heart broken but each time we met with you, you helped me see a bit of light in the dark. Thank you

I will recommend you to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Mr. Whitestone

I wanted to take the time to write you regarding my recent experience with from your law firm. Came highly recommended. I was immediately impressed and felt no need to seek further legal help. Firm helped me through a very difficult time in my life and the outcome was the best for my wife and family and especially me. Your firm will always be in my thoughts and I will recommend your firm should the need arise.

Mr. Young

My wife and I just saw you on the Fox 5 news with your client from today's hearing. I am so thankful that my matter was handled in such a quick and low key manner, and was so routine for you (though not for me) by comparison . . .
I dropped a note of thanks to you in the mail earlier today for all of your help. I always will appreciate and remember your assistance in one of the very worst chapters of my life.

Mr. Young


Mr. Whitestone

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your work with my son's case. Obviously . . . we could not be happier with the outcome and greatly appreciate your tenacity . . . If I can ever serve as a reference please do not hesitate to have someone call me . . .


I want to thank you both for your excellent service and support during my recent divorce. You were both such a comfort and your patience is so appreciated. Should anyone else have the need for an attorney I will pass on your number!


Thanks again for all your work yesterday with my RD case. I really appreciated your professionalism and guidance throughout the process. You made it very stress-free! Paulo


I just wanted to thank you for your efforts regarding our son's case. Given what I do for a living, the fact that he placed himself in that position was difficult for me as well as my wife. It was because of your professionalism as well as being an outstanding litigator that the process was easier for us to deal with.


Our family will always be grateful to you for your support. Your well-chosen words coupled with the eloquence of your presentation persuaded the Court to allow Justin to be with us today. One could have heard a pin drop during your powerful presentation. Thank you.


Thank you! The way you treated us helped us make the decision. You were respectful, helpful and responsive. Everyone we told that you were our daughter's attorney spoke very highly of you. Now we see why. Kathy

I wanted to take the time to send my sincere gratitude for your work today. Not only were you able to achieve all that I hoped for, your professionalism and expertise kept me calm throughout this whole ordeal. Your advice and guidance were undoubtedly unmatched by any other attorneys. I will be sure to recommend your outstanding services to anybody who may need them. William

I truly believe that, "if you want to go home, choose Robert Whitestone". I was facing significant jail time and being held without bond. Within 48 hours of Mr. Whitestone taking on my case, he got me out on a bond.

On the day of trial, Mr. Whitestone plowed through the government's witnesses like a hurricane making landfall. He discredited ALL of the government's witnesses, ensuring that the jurors were able to clearly see the lies that were being told against me. My freedom was held in the balance and Mr. Whitestone fought hard to tip the scales in my favor.

Through prayer and an amazing defense attorney I was found NOT GUILTY and walked out of the courtroom with my family and Mr. Whitestone. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Whitestone and his law firm for everything they did for me.

We are all put on this earth for a reason. Mr. Whitestone is a talented attorney who truly believes in the work he does and he does not waiver in his fight for justice. I would bet my last dollar on him in any situation! I highly recommend Robert Whitestone to anyone who is in need of an incredible defense attorney.

Forever grateful,
E. M.

Here are some notes we have received from our clients.

Good Morning Mr. Young - I just wanted to say thank you once again for your assistance. These last 10 weeks have been extremely challenging given what my husband was facing. You were truly a Godsend for us. I spoke to my husband this morning and he seems to be in good spirits. We are so very grateful for your help. Thank you so much!

K. L.

Dear Mr. Whitestone — I would like to express my gratitude to you for negotiating a lenient sentence and the least restrictive arrangement for my wife.

Thank you again for helping our family.

Mr. Young handled my husband's felony DWI case recently. Long story short: Mr. Young saved my husband not only from this serious charge by getting it reduced to a misdemeanor but by avoiding a lengthy legal process which we were all but guaranteed in Arlington County had this gone to trial. It was money well spent and we are grateful for his assistance during this challenging time.

Mr. Dickson was great counsel and saved me from a lot of trouble. I highly recommend this gentlemen.


Dickson Young is a no nonsense attorney who provides a very direct and honest assessment about the charges and possible outcome I was facing. I believe Dickson's reputation in the legal community and his ability to communicate my circumstances enabled him to achieve and surpass my anticipated outcome. I was beyond happy. I did not expect such a positive outcome considering my original charges. Dickson is an excellent attorney and his firm and support staff are exceptionally pleasant and helpful.



I am very grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will spread the word about your awesome associate Jon Woodward. Thank you again! You made my year and my family's year!

All the Best,

Mr. Young was excellent in helping me with my recent case. I came to him after being ill advised by my previous lawyer and he handled my case with the utmost professionalism and straightforward no nonsense manner and he was able to get me a much better outcome! His assistant is very organized and responsive and overall I felt I got great support and am very thankful.

I just wanted to Thank you Mr. Whitestone for your exceptional negotiating skills! Everyone I spoke with told me that you were the best, and I can now confirm this firsthand. I will be in contact with you once I've completed my ASAP classes. It's been a long road, and I still have a long way to go, but I'm happy to have you in my corner.

Thanks again!

Dear Dickson

I cannot thank you enough for your superb representation with my DUI case. Not only am I very happy with the outcome, but I felt very supported by you and your team throughout the entire process. You saved me! I will refer your services to family and friends and I hope you continue to make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Mr. Whitestone

I really do not know how or where to start. I may not have the words to express how thankful I am to have had Mr. Robert Whitestone in my corner. I was accused of something I did not do; the odds were against me, and I was put in jail without a bond. After speaking to a couple of lawyers, my family was referred to Mr. Whitestone and liked him immediately.

Shortly after taking my case, Mr. Whitestone got me out on bond. I was extremely stressed and was going through the worst time of my life, but I really could not have asked for a better lawyer. My every question and concern was addressed promptly by both him and his assistant, Pat, who is also the best in the world.

On the day of my trial, Mr. Whitestone used his experience and knowledge, and made everything seem so easy. The truth won, and the lies were defeated. I walked out of the court, free and relieved. Me and my family cannot thank Mr. Whitestone enough for what he did for us, he was there when we needed him. He will never ever be forgotten, and will always be in our prayers.

If you, or someone you know, are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer, please do not make a decision until you speak to Mr. Robert Whitestone.

Forever thankful,


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I cannot tell you how much of a relief this is! You are the best lawyer and staff and I appreciate you professionalism and expertise!


I interviewed approximately 7 different attorneys for my traffic violation before deciding on Dickson J. Young and I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. As a medical student, a conviction would be devastating, making it near impossible, if not impossible to ascertain licensure. Dickson J. Young worked a Miracle. He gave me a second chance. Although his price tag is expensive, it was worth the investment if not more. There is no one else who could have pulled off what he did.

Dear Mr. Daniel

Our family would like to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU for the professional manner in which you handled our son's case and for ensuring that it came to a joyful conclusion. We also want to thank your colleagues in the law firm for working so hard behind the scenes as support team. We know that you went above and beyond the call of duty to provide a service that truly stood out and relieved him from judgment.

We must also stress further that we were very impressed by the way you spoke so eloquently and precisely, bringing out the good side of our son, and managed to get the full attention of the judge. If ever the term scholar applied to any one present in court that day, it applied most especially to you.

You obviously have a compassionate heart for young brilliant men who accidentally fall into mishaps like he did and I pray that you continue doing the work of a good Samaritan. It is now our hope that we get him back on the road to productivity.We will not hesitate to recommend you to friends who may have need for the services of an attorney in the future. May God bless you and all of your staff in a very special and rewarding way. Again, thanks immensely for your legal support.

From the family

Mr. Drummond

Thank your for everything you've done for my case and I promise to stay out of trouble.

I noticed your presence in the courthouse, something that you have obviously developed through years of experience. I felt honored to have you represent me as a lawyer and this experience inspired me to hopefully pursue a career in law.


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