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Tips to avoid common child custody mistakes in Virginia

Most every parent strives to make the divorce and child custody process as smooth as possible for the children involved. Despite that goal, some Virginia parents may be unaware that their actions are, in fact, making the child custody agreement process more difficult or stressful than it needs to be. While each case is vastly different, there are a few common mistakes parents may make that can be easily avoided.

One mistake is to put too much responsibility on the child. This can be as simple as letting the child decide where he or she wants to go. While this responsibility may be useful and a positive thing for some kids, others may find it a burden. Experts caution that some children feel stressed with the idea that they are hurting the feelings of one parent by making a choice.

Another mistake may be a simple lack of information. Unpredictable schedules or custody agreements can leave a child feeling unsure of what is going on, creating a more stressful experience for that child. One simple solution is to have a calendar in the child’s room that outlines when that child will be visiting the other parent.

Many of these solutions can be worked out amongst parents on their own. However, some parents in the midst of a child custody agreement may find this type of communication or these solutions difficult to reach on their own. Outside help and legal guidance can help parents in Virginia decide the best course of action and also eliminate any potential disputes before those disputes affect the progress of an agreement or divorce.

Source:, “Survive Parenting After Divorce: Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes!“, Natasha Daniels, Dec. 14, 2015

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