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Virginia caregiver accused of theft & property crimes

Two women are facing serious criminal charges after authorities allege that they acted to defraud another individual. Both women were hired to provide care for a mentally disabled woman in her Virginia home. One was hired to assist the patient during the day, while the other came in and assumed caretaking duties at night. Both are now accused of theft & property crimes associated with those positions.

The patient suffers from multiple disorders, including dependent personality, anxiety and bipolar disorders. She requires assistance around the clock in order to remain living within her home. She also suffers periodic panic attacks.

Investigators believe that the two women conspired to defraud their patient. They are accused of identity theft and using the woman’s identity to open a Wells Fargo account. Authorities also claim that the women used their patient’s information to obtain a fraudulent credit card, which was then used to purchase more than $2,000 of products from a local Walmart store. Those purchases included groceries, personal care items, food and clothing. Multiple re-loadable debit cards were also purchased.

The patient identified the women from security footage. As of the time of this report, there is no information available on how the women plan to proceed. It is possible that one or both of the women could respond to the theft & property crimes charges with an assertion that they were only acting in accordance with the patient’s wishes and that they are not guilty of acting to defraud their patient. Until additional details are released, Virginia readers are reminded that these women remain innocent until they are proved to be otherwise by a court of law.

Source: Daily Press, “Nurse aides accused of stealing from York County patient“, Adrienne Mayfield, May 10, 2016

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