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Why you should be mindful of how you drive near trucks

Every day you drive on the streets in Fairfax, you encounter various hazards. One of those dangers involves large commercial vehicles. Because of their size, trucks are much more likely to cause serious injury to victims in crashes. You may think that truck accidents are not very common, but actually, the chances of you being involved in one are increasing as the number of commercial vehicles on the roads rises to meet consumer demands.

If you are in a crash, it is possible for you to improve the outcome. Review the following ways you can avoid serious injury and death in truck accidents.

Wear your seat belt

One of the first things you should do every time you get in your car is put on your seat belt. Adjust it so that it sits comfortably and snug on your body. Seat belts help provide stability and keep you from becoming ejected from your vehicle during a truck accident.

Watch your driving habits

Staying alert and slowing gradually when a truck is behind you may reduce your chances of a rear-end crash. Trucks need more time to stop, speed up and slow down. Truckers must use different equipment besides their steering wheels and pedals to operate their vehicles. When you factor in trucker distractions, fatigue and errors, your actions can make it easier for negligent commercial operators to hit your car.

Make sure truckers see you 

Not only should you avoid truckers’ blind spots, but you can improve safety further by staying completely clear of large commercial vehicles when possible. If you must ride beside or directly behind them, give them more traveling space whenever possible. If you do not make random and sudden traffic maneuvers, it can give them time to adjust their vehicles accordingly.

Around big trucks, it is more important than ever for you to follow all traffic rules and courtesies. Truck accidents are not always avoidable. But your driving actions and the way you respond when one is happening can often mean the difference between life and death.

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