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Wide variety of professionals called to aid in divorce case

Most divorce cases are not resolved by both sides simply coming to a mutual agreement, splitting assets and moving on to lead separate lives without outside assistance. Even when a divorce between a Virginia couple is a mutual decision and there are few areas of discontent, there is a high chance that professionals besides legal support may be needed to provide insight and information so the process can move forward. One couple is making news as the list of professionals being subpoenaed to provide information is growing.

The husband is the founder of Citadel, and the couple married after signing a prenuptial agreement in 2003. Now, over a year into the divorce process, several professionals and companies have been subpoenaed to help the process move forward and settle several disputes. Financial companies have been called in to provide information regarding the Citadel’s worth, performance and other financial information.

Several employees and executives of Citadel have been called forward as well as a forensic accountant and fraud investigator. A photographer who was hired to create a wedding album has also been subpoenaed, and files have been ordered to be handed over. Travel companies, both air travel and a limo services, have been subpoenaed to give information about travel records and travel companions on certain trips.

While the number of professionals being subpoenaed in this case may be unusual for the average Virginia couple, each couple going through a divorce may need to request and gather pertinent information from a wide variety of sources. Personal and professional contacts may be the best resource for information about details regarding assets and child custody. Accountants and valuation experts can be a common resource when there is question as to the worth of assets or even what assets exist. It is best to ensure any experts or outside professionals who can provide relevant information are contacted as a divorce unfolds and before anyone agrees to a property settlement or custody agreement.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Griffin divorce ensnares high-finance execs, limo drivers, photographer“, Becky Yerak, Oct. 5, 2015

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