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Certain factors may impact child support situations

While parents may agree on the needs of a child and custody issues when those parents split, those same parents may disagree over the amount it takes to financially support that child or children. Virginia parents may benefit from being aware of the child support guidelines of the state. They may also benefit from knowing what factors the state takes into consideration and what factors can impact the amount of child support ordered.

First and foremost, a parent’s income is what is used in the guidelines. Each parent must provide information proving income. Other factors may include the cost of child care. The premiums for an insurance policy may also impact the amount that a judge orders to be paid in child support.

There are extraordinary circumstances that can also affect the amount of support ordered. This may include some medical expenses that are not covered by health insurance. If there are children from a previous marriage or other relationships, the amount ordered may vary from the set state guidelines for a certain income level.

Once child support is ordered based on the individual situation of a Virginia parent, other issues may arise later, issues that also require legal support. This may include enforcement of a child support order or help proving payment has been made. Because of what all may affect a child support decision and agreement, it is important to have up-to-date information. Our website has more information about child support guidelines and the benefits of legal support and guidance.

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