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Spousal And Child Support Should Be Fair To All Parties

Financial issues are often the most bitterly contested parts of a divorce. To ensure your interests are protected, put an experienced divorce lawyer on your side. With legal counsel, you will have an advocate to protect your rights and your finances.

The family law attorneys at Whitestone Young, PC, can help you through the spousal and child support processes. We will explain the factors involved in awarding support in Virginia. We will also help you gather the information the court needs to determine support awards. Please call 703-591-0200 or contact us online for an appointment with our Fairfax spousal support attorneys.

Spousal Support Factors

Spousal support considerations include the length of the marriage, the income of each party, the age, education and health of each party, who has ownership of the marital home, who has custody of any children and the contributions of each party to the marriage.

The court may award rehabilitative spousal support to the party who needs financial support to transition to a single income. In some cases, permanent spousal support is granted when one party is unable to support himself or herself. Permanent support may be modified or terminated in certain circumstances. We can discuss how this may apply in your case.

Child Support Guidelines

Receiving sufficient financial support is critical to a child’s well-being. Parents may disagree over the amount of child support, but it is important to remember receiving support is the right of the child. The Virginia child support guidelines take the following factors into consideration:

  • Each parent’s monthly gross income
  • Monthly child care costs and health insurance premiums
  • Any extraordinary medical/dental expenses for the children not covered by insurance
  • Whether either parent supports children from other relationships

We represent people seeking spousal or child support modifications after divorce orders are final. If you are not receiving court-ordered support payments, we can help you with enforcement. We also represent people wrongfully accused of not paying support.

Contact Our Northern Virginia Child Support Attorneys

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