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There Are Multiple Ways To Handle Divorce

Divorce does not have to involve a lengthy and emotionally charged courtroom trial. The Fairfax divorce law firm of Whitestone Young, PC, can review your relationship with your spouse to determine the right type of divorce for your specific circumstances.

Contested Divorce In Fairfax

When the relationship of a couple has degraded to the point where they cannot agree on any issues of their divorce — or when serious issues such as abuse exist — their only option may be to have their issues resolved in divorce court. This is called contested divorce, and it typically involves a process that resembles any type of trial. After the Fairfax divorce lawyers present the cases of their clients, the judge uses a combination of Virginia state law, formulas and personal judgment to decide all issues pertaining to the custody and support of the children, possible spousal support and division of property.

Uncontested Divorce In Fairfax

Any form of uncontested divorce allows divorcing couples to retain greater control over their futures and the futures of their children — and it is potentially less costly. Whatever form you choose, the process involves negotiating as many issues as possible prior to the divorce hearing. The more you can reach agreement upon prior to your court date, the fewer decisions need to be made by the judge. In Virginia, two primary methods of uncontested divorce are available:

  • Mediated divorce: Couples use an impartial mediator to facilitate negotiations of the various divorce issues. Some couples may meet directly with the mediator without representation by legal counsel; others include their own attorneys in the negotiations. Once negotiations are complete, the couple proceeds to court. If they have come to agreement on all issues, the judge simply reviews the agreement and typically issues the divorce decree with little or no alteration. If some issues cannot be resolved, they are presented before the judge who decides on the issues prior to the final divorce decree. Divorce mediation is often less expensive for couples in Fairfax.
  • Collaborative divorce: This is a relatively new and highly specialized form of divorce that requires couples to have both a strong commitment to the process and the ability to come to full agreement on all issues. Both spouses retain specially trained collaborative lawyers, and enter into a series of meetings with specialists appropriate for their issues — such as financial specialists, business experts and family counselors. But if every issue is not resolved in these meetings, the Fairfax collaborative lawyers are required by law to resign from the case, and the couple must start over in a more traditional form of divorce using different lawyers.

Contact Our Fairfax Firm For Caring Collaborative Divorce, Mediation Or Any Type Of Divorce

Resolving the marital and legal problems of your family requires skilled collaborative or divorce attorneys who care and who know how to achieve a comprehensive result. Whitestone Young, PC, in Fairfax has the knowledge and experience necessary to get you through the legal maze and alleviate your stress.

To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced divorce attorneys, call Whitestone Young, PC, at 703-591-0200 or contact us online.

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