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Fighting Drug Charges

Whether you are a first-time offender charged with possession, a professional charged with prescription drug crimes or someone who is charged with distribution, you do not want to face drug charges without an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Whitestone Young, PC, we represent juveniles and adults charged with drug crimes in Virginia. The consequences of a drug conviction can include a jail or prison sentence, drug rehabilitation, probation, fines and a
driver’s license suspension. We will work hard to obtain the best possible result. When possible, we fight for the dismissal or reduction of the charges. In some cases, clients may
qualify for drug treatment or other alternative disposition of their cases.

Advocating For Your Rights

We have experience with cases involving all types of controlled substances, including
marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamine and heroin. Our attorneys can defend you against state and federal charges such as:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing

In addition, we represent people from Virginia and other states who were charged with drug crimes after traffic stops on the Beltway, I-66 and I-95. These are common sites of traffic stops that lead to drug charges. We will carefully review the police report to determine whether the police had reasonable and articulable suspicion to stop you and probable cause to search your vehicle.

Issues of illegal search and seizure are not unusual in drug cases. With former prosecutors and a former police officer at the firm, we know when law enforcement has violated your rights. We fight hard to protect clients from constitutional rights violations and overzealous prosecution.

Contact Us To Discuss Northern Virginia Drug Possession Charges

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contact us online for an appointment with a Fairfax drug crimes attorney.

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