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Fighting DUI/DWI Charges

A substantial amount of investigation and evidence review go into producing an effective DUI or DWI defense. However, the prosecution bears the burden of proving its case, and a skilled and experienced attorney has many options for an effective defense strategy.

For more than 40 years, the attorneys of Whitestone Young, PC, in Fairfax, Virginia, have established a track record of aggressive, responsive representation that protects our clients’ best interests. When the
penalties for a conviction are so severe, you need and deserve nothing less.

Know Your Rights And Protect Your Options

The police in Virginia must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity to stop a car. Often, the police will base this suspicion on:

  • Abrupt turns
  • Drifting into other lanes
  • Weaving
  • Straddling the centerline
  • Tailgating
  • Running a stop sign or red light

But even after a car is stopped, the police must have probable cause to believe you are under the influence so that they can arrest you. The police usually attempt to establish this through field sobriety tests. It is important to
remember these tests are voluntary, and you are under no obligation to attempt to perform them. This includes walking in a straight line, hopping on one foot or blowing into a small breath test machine.

By knowing your rights and asking to speak with a DUI/DWI lawyer Fairfax, you will be putting yourself in a much better position for a positive outcome.

If you are arrested, police will likely take you to the jail, where you will have to take a formal breath or blood test. Refusing this test will result in an additional charge. However, it is important to recognize that if you blow over a .15, you will be subject to mandatory jail time of five or 10 days. This penalty may be more severe than the penalty for refusal, which, for a first offense, is one year loss of license.

Talk To An Attorney At Whitestone Young Today

Our Fairfax DUI/DWI attorneys know the law and the courts in both Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. If you are facing drunk driving charges, call us now at 703-591-0200 or
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