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Fairfax Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing federal criminal charges, your choice of a lawyer is especially critical. Your attorney must be licensed to practice in federal court and have experience dealing with U.S. attorneys. In addition, your lawyer must have the knowledge and skill to try cases involving the FBI, DEA, Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

Whitestone Young, PC, of Fairfax provides experienced federal criminal defense in the Eastern District of Virginia. We are a group of skilled trial lawyers who knows when to negotiate and when to take a case to trial.

Federal Crimes Are Extremely Serious, And You Must Treat Them That Way

Crimes committed on properties owned by the federal government, military and national parks are typically charged as federal crimes. These can include theft and other property crimes, vandalism, trespassing, traffic offenses and breaking and entering. You can also be charged with DUI/DWI on federal property, including the George Washington Memorial Parkway and other military or federal government properties.

In much more severe cases, however, especially for crimes that cross state lines, you can face federal charges for fraud, money laundering, illegal gang activity, sex trafficking, distributing illegal pornography, drug trafficking and weapons trafficking. A conviction could mean spending your life in a federal prison, financially ruinous fines and asset forfeiture penalties that could cost you your home.

We Stand Up To Federal Prosecutors

Federal prosecutors bring a great amount of resources to bear in their cases. We are proven trial lawyers with a long track record of success. As your lawyers, we will not let prosecutors push you around, and we will build our own case that protects your interests and freedom.

When you are under investigation by federal law enforcement, you need to contact a Fairfax federal criminal defense attorney immediately. It means they are already building a case against you. Early intervention by your attorneys can protect your rights.

We will investigate the case against you to determine the facts. When appropriate, we may work with experts in computer forensics, accounting and other fields as necessary. We will also ensure your constitutional rights were not violated. You can rely on our thorough case preparation and our tenacity in the courtroom.

Seek Representation As Soon As Possible. Contact Whitestone Young.

Please call 703-591-0200 or contact us online for an appointment with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys Fairfax, VA. The faster we can build a defense, the better we can position you for a positive outcome.

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