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Charged with a DUI? Do not face it alone.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you are facing a very serious legal situation. It is critical to take these charges seriously, even if it is your first offense in Virginia, and you need to secure a defense to help effectively confront the charges against you. If convicted of a DUI, serious consequences could leave a lasting impact on your life.

Engaging an attorney in your case as soon as possible after an arrest is the first step toward building a strong defense. The prosecution bears the burden of proving that you are guilty, and you have the right to present any evidence that may help your defense. In addition to the right to an attorney and a defense, you are entitled to a presumption of innocence unless you are proved guilty.

One of the first steps that your attorney should take is to examine the initial traffic stop. Was there due cause for pulling you over? If there were no legal grounds for the traffic stop or your rights were violated in any way, you have the option and the right to challenge the prosecution’s entire case. With sufficient evidence, it is possible that the entire case against you could be dismissed or the charges reduced.

If charged with a DUI, do not wait to get the help you deserve. Protecting your future interests, freedom and even your reputation hinges on how you proceed immediately following the arrest. Act quickly to secure defense help. Contact a member of our Virginia team as soon as possible for a complete case evaluation.

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