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Child support payments ordered for NFL cornerback

Child support obligations are ordered and expected to be upheld regardless of the number of children a person may have. When someone has a large number of children, the amount he or she pays in child support can be significant and much more than the average Virginia parent may anticipate. One professional NFL football player has been ordered to pay child support for eight of his children.

The football player, Antonio Cromartie, is currently married. He and his wife have two children now, and she is also pregnant with twins. However, the successful Jets cornerback also has eight other children with seven other women.

He has been ordered to pay $3,500 for each child. Estimates indicate he has to pay roughly $336,000 a year in child support payments for all of the children. While he earned a $7 million salary last year, the football player does not have a guaranteed position with the football team and could be cut from the team at any time, which would naturally impact his income and ability to pay.

The uncertainty of employment can make a child support obligation difficult for a parent. In this case, if the player is cut and his income is reduced substantially, he may have to seek a modification to the order to pay for all of the children. Parents in Virginia who wish to seek a modification in child support may have to provide evidence of a dramatic shift in income and also any proof related to how long that shift may prevent that parent from paying an ordered amount for a specific period of time.

Source: New York Post, “Jets cornerback pays more in child support than you make in a year“, Susan Edelman, Jan. 17, 2016

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