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Two high school students charged with juvenile crimes

Raising a child can be difficult, especially for parents who do not have substantial support. When kids reach a certain age, controlling their behavior and choices becomes nearly impossible. For most Virginia parents, the teenage years are a time of high stress and high drama before kids move on to begin their adult lives. Sometimes, however, teenagers make poor choices that can lead to juvenile crimes charges. Such charges can shape the course of the rest of their lives.

An example is found in the recent arrest of two high school students from Prince William County. Two 17-year-old boys were arrested after a report was made of illicit activity taking place at an area high school. When police arrived, they spoke with another student who saw something he believed to be a drug transaction in one of the school’s restrooms.

It is unclear if the statement of that witness was the only factor that led to the arrest. However, both of the boys were charged with possession of marijuana, and one was also charged with possessing a weapon on school property. The weapon in question was reportedly a knife, although there is no mention of the knife being used or displayed in any manner.

As this case moves forward, the families of these two young men will likely make every effort to avoid conviction on these juvenile crimes charges. Kids make mistakes, and many in Virginia believe that they should be allowed the opportunity to learn from those mistakes. Having a drug conviction and subsequent punitive measures on their record could have a serious negative impact on the rest of their lives.

Source: Woodbridge, VA Patch, “Gar-Field High Students Arrested on Drug Charges: Police“, Skip Wood, Sept. 16, 2016

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