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Winter storm blankets DC area

It seems like a recurring theme in the Washington D.C. metro area: snow is in the forecast. Yesterday’s storm brought nearly a foot of snow to the region. This storm was much different than previous storms because the air temperature was so cold. It was estimated that the nation’s capital only reached 15 degrees.

It was the fourth snow holiday for the region, meaning that the federal government was shut down, as were many schools and businesses yesterday. But with a cold night making for the coldest March evening in decades, the clean up from this storm may not be so quick and easy. It is forecasted that daytime highs today will not reach 32 degrees. Indeed, schools may close for another day, and don’t be surprised if the government doesn’t reopen until Wednesday.

With inclement weather present, the roads are most likely not going to be in good condition for travelling. It is likely that the snow covered roads have a coating of ice underneath, which makes driving treacherous at best. A number of our posts have highlighted the dangers of black ice, but it is worth mentioning once again. Black ice is unforgiving, and is essentially invisible to drivers until it is too late. Because of this, drivers must use extreme caution while on the roads and it is best to stay off of them until the weather gets better.

The good news is, temperatures are forecasted to warm up by the weekend, which will hopefully lead to spring coming sooner rather than later.

Source: “PM Update: Coldest March night in decades ahead, remaining cold Tuesday,” Ian Livingston, Mar. 3, 2014

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