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Woman seriously injured in car accident outside of concert

Large events such as a sporting event or a concert typically bring a large crowd. This means that numerous people will be walking in and out of the event area, and some may even walk from nearby locations to and from the event. One Virginia woman was walking in Portsmouth after attending a concert when she was hit by a car. The car accident caused her to be seriously injured, and the driver was arrested.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the driver made a wrong turn and began driving in the wrong direction of traffic. As she started to approach the concert venue, her vehicle hit the median. That crash caused her to strike the pedestrian and crash into the fencing around the venue. The pedestrian had to be transported to an area hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

When the officers began investigating the accident, they started to suspect that the driver may have been driving under the influence of alcohol. They looked into their suspicion, and they eventually arrested her. She has been charged with DUI and maiming.

Luckily, the pedestrian is expected to make a full recovery. Nevertheless, her life was at risk that night, and her serious injuries could have been a lot worse. No matter the outcome of the driver’s criminal charges, the pedestrian can file a Virginia personal injury claim against her. The pedestrian can sue on the grounds of negligence, and she can potentially be monetarily reimbursed for lost wages, hospital bills and any other expenses coming from the car accident.

Source:, “Driver accused of hitting concertgoer charged with DUI”, Catherine Rogers, June 19, 2014

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